Planning Sri Lanka

Planning Sri Lanka

My husband and I were planning another big adventurous holidays for some time now but till just recently it was all more or less day dreaming.

It all happened one August day when planning one week somewhere on the Canarian Islands turned into a wild idea of booking tickets to Sri Lanka instead. Unending beaches, lush forests, tea, yoga … all that ran through my mind at that time! So we went to the closest book store and got the travelling Bible, the Lonely Planet.

The next big project was asking my mom to babysit our fur baby Daisy while we will be away. When she agreed a big rock fell off my heart because without that our trip might change into one week at the Gran Canaria or Tenerife again! Christmas came early for me that day!

So we were ready for flight ticket searching. The date we chose is a bit unfriendly for traveling on a budget (Christmas and New Year) but I managed to get the tickets for a really good price. Am still thankful to my colleague for finding them!


I was really busy in September and in the beginning of October so I put all the planning aside but Marko was already collecting information from the day we booked the tickets. He found different articles, blogs and was slowly making a list of things we need to see. From time to time I read some of the information he collected but it all started more seriously one Friday afternoon when we met with a friend of mine. Peter is a tour guide and has travelled to almost half of the world including Sri Lanka so I asked him for some insider tips. That meeting was a lot of fun, we got some first-hand information and then I was ready to start planning, too!

We know we have to visit Kandy, Sigiriya, Nuwara Eliya, Ella and the beaches. We also know we must take the train that takes you among the tea plantations, I want to visit the spice gardens, go for an ayurvedic treatment, have some time to meditate, surf … and with more information we gather more experiences are on the list. Now, almost a month prior departure we almost need to cut things from the list!

With limited time of travelling we really need to make the most of the time in the paradise.

We decided to start the trip as backpackers and then we will see how it will turn out. We did it like this when we visited Thailand and it turned out great. We got ourselves a good package when we arrived to Bangkok and the travelling was much easier but it still remained a fairly unplanned adventure.

Bangkok, November 2013
Our first tuk tuk ride

Who knows, maybe we will end up with a driving guide instead of taking buses. Maybe we will also end up in a tree house or in a colonial villa on a tea plantation (this is what I want so badly!). Maybe we will climb the Adam’s Peak in the middle of the might and maybe Marko will try to meditate. Or maybe I will ride a bike … oh, there are just so many possibilities!!

I will for sure keep you posted how it all turns out in the end! But if you have any tips, please share them with me!

Keep calm and go to Sri Lanka


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